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Vinyl Window Performance

Our vinyl windows are built to meet or exceed today’s high standard of energy-efficiency.

Aller-Guard® Weatherstripping

Aller-Guard® weather-stripping system resists micro-particles of pollen, fungi, mildew, dust, dirt and bacteria. It also helps keep exterior odors and gases such as carbon monoxide outside.

  • Improves inside air quality.
  • Filters more outside noise for a quieter house.
  • Reduces your energy costs.

Cardinal's XL Edge® Spacer

Standard in all our windows, Cardinal’s XL Edge Spacer will give you a clear and attractive view and help to reduce your heating and cooling costs for years to come.

  • Drastically reduces heat loss over typical aluminum spacer.
  • Reduces condensation during the most severe temperatures.
  • On average, performs longer than any other spacer in the industry to give you many years of dependable service! Comes with a 20-year guarantee against seal breakage.

LoĒ-272™ and LoĒ-366™ Glass

Cardinal LoĒ-272™ glass and LoĒ-366™ glass delivers year-round performance and comfort, whether it’s -20° F or 110° F in the shade.

  • In winter, it slashes your heating costs during long winter months by reflecting heat back into the room.
  • In summer, it keeps your house cooler and your furniture, curtains, and wall coverings looking beautiful by blocking heat and 95% of the sun’s damaging UV rays.


All vinyl parts are guaranteed for a lifetime. The insulated glass units are warranted against all defects including fog-up for 20 years.

NFRC Certified

Therm-O-Loc windows have been rated and are certified in accordance with National Fenestration Rating Council procedures.

ENERGY STAR® Certified

Install ENERGY STAR certified windows and reduce your heating and cooling expenses.

We are shipping to any location in the United States. Whether you are a residential homeowner, a business owner, or a contractor, we’ll be happy to help you decide which windows and options are best for you and give you prices and a shipping quote on the windows you are looking for.

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